Thursday, April 19, 2012

creatures from nowhere.

a real nowhere creatures
standing in their nowhere land
making all their nowhere plans for nobody.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tuan Masa Lalu.

old black and white doodle from year 2010,
and i decided to give another simple colour touch.
the man inspired by John Lennon's gesture.

title : Tuan Masa Lalu / Mr. Old Fashioned.
media: drawing pen and photoshop touch.


this owl was requested by my friend.
when i made this, all i can think is Harry Potter and his owl... haha... Hedwig! 
Owl and Harry Potter's story is like you know, cannot be separated. 
media: drawing pen in a paper.

halo peace.

 i made this artwork in july 9, 2008, around 01:00 am.
 on the same day that my father passed away. 
i didn't know that he's gonna passed away on the evening at the same day.
well, it brings up that memories when i see this artwork, 
but i know that he already smile and give his thumbs up for me up in heaven.