Monday, June 24, 2013

me & "Together Again" project.


A few months ago, around March 2013, i've got a project from an Indonesian indie singer Darryl Wezy. His first album is Maze of Fears, and it's a must hear album :) trust me!

Well, the project is to make a digital cover album for his collaborated single with a famous musician Andezzz, and the single title called "Together Again". I'm very honoured to worked with this two amazing musician.

Actually at the first time, I'm not so sure to do it because the time is quite tight,right before i leave for a vacation, oopps :D. But after seeing my blog, Wezy said that he likes one of my illustration called "creatures from nowhere". He said that the illustration fits the "Together Again" lyric. So i'm thinking and thinking... finally it was decided that "creatures from nowhere" will appear as a "together again" cover album, yeayy! It make things easier for me because the time very tight so i have to think fast and draw fast.

And I redrew again at the larger scale, because the original one is drawn at the small paper... hahaha!

So, here is the result.... taaarrrraaaaa :D

It really feels so relieved when the illustration is finished, hahaha.. it means, i can go on vacation with happy feeling :D yeayy, helllooo vacation!

I feel really happy and proud when finnaly this single released and i can see this illustration as the cover album :)

Well,if you haven't listen to this song, you can click the and see the link to buy this single on itunes..

And finnaly, i really looking forward for another project to come *tee hee*.... hope so *cross finger*

Thursday, June 13, 2013

me on "what i wore today"


my drawing "where's waldo style" was chosen by the illustrator Gemma Correll
to be featured in this very cool blog

so happy and proud >.<